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Ligna- Extremo

Extremo- Strong Cleaner

Price- $39.95

Format- 946ml

Please call for availability

Ligna Extremo is a heavy duty cleaner which removes stubborn and greasy stains from oiled surfaces. It also works efficiently on black shoe marks.

Ligna Extremo is ideal to prepare the surfaces before the application of our maintenance oil Generio or the original floor oil.


Remove dust before using our heavy duty cleaner.

EXTREMO have to be diluted.

• For a water based oil: dilute 100 ml per 5 L of warm water
• For a traditional oil: dilute 200 ml per 5 L of warm water


Spread EXTREMO on the floor with a microfiber mop. You may also spray EXTREMO and spread it with a floor polisher equipped with a red scubbing pad.
Leave the product stand for 4-5 minutes. Remove the residual waste with a vaccuum or a spatula. End the cleaning with a dampen microfiber mop. Make sure you do not leave any waste

Drying time : 15 minutes. dry to touch


Wear gloves and protective glasses

***Protect from freeze

Tool cleaning:



260-530 sq ft / L


330 g./ L

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