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If you are wondering why your next door neighbour is having his carpets removed and inviting specialists to refinish the hardwood floors underneath, it’s because wood, or the look of wood is making a strong comeback in 2017. Interior designers who have recommended wooden floors to their clients last year were right on the money. In terms of what types of “wood-look” are popular–homeowners tend to go extremes.

Ebony vs. Bleached

This year, darkwood floors are the most popular, closely followed by its opposite, more feminine twin, the white washed or bleached wood floors. Interior designers tend to go for dark wood floors probably because they offer depth to the space, especially when set against white washed walls. It’s a simple and inexpensive way to make any room look classy.

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Top brands like Duraseal are coming out with ebony finishes and stains. You will encounter a lot of “true black” stains in the market today, probably with a hefty price tag because it’s hot at the moment. A note to new homeowners, however: dark wood floors are high maintenance especially if they have a deep glossy finish. You can see every speck of dirt and watermark on your wooden floors when you choose ebony (or close cousin counterparts) for your home.

Those who want an airier, cleaner feel will be more comfortable with light wood. Though not as popular, they are low maintenance compared to dark wood. When your walls are pastel, white wood floors also give off a more relaxed yet polished feel, close to a beach house. Some even get adventurous and go for matte finishes. They are definitely easier to clean.

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On Details and Grains

Most popular, especially for dark wood floors, are those which are almost opaque. Not much of the grain is shown. It makes interior decorating easier because the floor just looks the same in every part of the room. If the grain tends to repeat too (in cases of laminate and vinyl wood flooring), the repetition or artificiality of the floor is also not obvious.

Perhaps more detailing if forgivable for light wood floors especially the whitewashed or bleached ones. Here, the swirls of browns and beige might actually give the matte white floor more character.

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The rusticity or the level of polish in your wood floors would depend more on personal preference rather than trends. The key is to look for wood (or wood-like) flooring that is the right fit for your interiors and your lifestyle. Remember, compared to porcelain and granite tiling, hardwood floors tend to be more porous and reactive to moisture. Make sure you are always following the manufacturer’s maintenance recommendations. If proper care is given, hardwood floors can be long lasting.

The Love For Wood

People are probably returning to wooden floorings because it’s warmer to look at. It also makes your home vintage yet modern chic at the same time. There’s no hard rule on how one should decorate with wooden floorings. Generally, though, smaller pieces of rugs portioning vast spaces of wooden floors are always very pleasant to look at.

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