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With some people taking the higher cost and increased maintenance of traditional hardwood floors into account when making a design decision that best for them, they are often left with the question; what other option do I have? In such cases as these, we offer up a choice of two great alternatives that people often overlook when they think of high quality floors. However, laminate or luxury vinyl flooring have quickly become a fan favourite.

Alas, it’s been found to be a hard nut to crack when it comes to differentiating laminate or luxury vinyl floor. Therefore, it is important to note which factor distinguishes luxury vinyl from conventional plastic. Keep in mind that luxury vinyl is made from PVC hence be careful when deciding whether to have vinyl or laminated floor tile.


Before making any step towards obtaining a vinyl or laminate tile floor you are required to budget carefully in conjunction to this laminate or vinyl floor tile which offers you with a similar cost friendly solution. They can withstand strains such as foot traffic, exposure to sunlight and scratches reducing additional expenses incurred on maintenance.

Durability and Texture

As pointed out before, laminate or luxury vinyl can withstand strain and this factor increases their strength. However, focusing on their texture, they are good imitators of other surfaces appearance; due to this ability they successfully convince the eye without affecting the sense of touch. Laminate tiles having been made from wood and are a similar feel to wooden planks. One of the main selling points of vinyl flooring is that they are water resistant which makes them extremely popular for area with high water use like basements or mud rooms.


With water being the primary element used in cleaning, you must keep in mind that cleaning will vary since there is a difference when it comes to cleaning laminate or vinyl floor tile. Therefore, based on how they are manufactured, laminate floor tiles do not work well with water. They contain a fiberboard core which is vulnerable to humidity. Laminate floors should not be used in areas with high moisture content. However, when cleaning focus on quickly wiping up any spill that may occur. On the other hand, with luxury vinyl worry more about exposure to flame and stains.

Installation Process

Laminate floors also referred to as floating floor systems are installed through a click and lock process. They do not need to be used with adhesive or nailed down to a subfloor. The method used to make their installation process is considered secure, and due to their rigidity, they can be installed over secondary deviance. On the contrary, most luxury vinyl uses adhesive or peel and stick methods. With the exception of vinyl planks which are installed similarly to the click connect method that laminate floors use.

It is now time for you to choose whether to have laminate or luxury vinyl flooring tile or the old traditional way of flooring. Whichever you choose, we’re sure you’ll be more than pleased!

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