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Through normal wear and tear, the finish on your hardwood flooring can become dull over time.

Our Hardwood Flooring Buff and Coat Service involves buffing off the top layer of finish and reapplying a new coat of finish to the hardwood floors.

Note: This service does not get rid of gouges and/or deep scratches as we are not sanding down to the raw unfinished surface. If you want to get rid of gouges and/or deep scratches please consider our Refinishing Hardwood Flooring service.

Hardwood Flooring Buff and Coat Process

A typical Hardwood Flooring Buff and Coat project has the following steps:

1) In Home Initial Meeting

  • Our Sales Representative meets you at your home to see and assess the area you would like to be buffed and coated.

2) Proposal

  • With the above information, our Sales Representative prepares and submits a detailed Proposal to you outlining the scope of work discussed and your investment in buffing and coating your hardwood floors

3) Test Patch

  • Before confirming if we can do the work, a test patch must be done on your hardwood floors by our Sales Representative. This involves buffing a small section of your hardwood flooring and applying the new finish to see if it will bond.
    Note:  If test patch does not pass, this service cannot be performed, and we suggest considering our Refinishing Hardwood Flooring service as an alternative to restoring your hardwood floors.
    If test patch is successful and Proposal is accepted, we will schedule your project into our calendar once deposit is received.

4) On Site Preparation

  • Prior to us beginning your hardwood flooring buff and coat project, we kindly ask you to do the following:
    • Remove all furniture, paintings, mirrors, electronics, appliances, etc, from the project space

5) Buffing

  • Using industry leading precision buffing machines, we remove the existing top layer of finish

6) Applying Finish

  • After top layer of finish is removed, a new layer of finish is applied

7) Waste Removal and Disposal

  • We take any garbage we produced away and dispose of it properly with local recycling centre

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What Customers Think of Our Hardwood Flooring Maintenance Services

The group of men that did the work for us were extremely reliable, punctual and professional at all time.

They answered all of our questions and were very helpful with our thoughts and concerns.

Our flooring looks better than we had ever imagined.

Thank you again to all the staff.


I just love coming home and seeing the great results.

When people ask me who did my floors I tell them they should only go to the boys at Antique Hardwood Flooring.

Many thanks and keep up the good work.


It has been a pleasure working with Antique Hardwood Flooring.

They were very helpful through the whole process.

One of the main reasons we went with Antique Hardwood Flooring was how helpful and professional the administrative staff was when we were starting out.

Thank you.