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Intensiv- Heavy Varnish

Finish- Invisible & Mat

Price- $239.95

Format- 5L

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INTENSIV® by BLANCHON is a two-component floor coating based on water-based polyurethane resins. Its technical performance and formulation meet the most stringent ecological criteria. It is also a beneficiary of the German GEV-EMICODE® EC1R label, which offers the most ecological approach to interior work. INTENSIV® is based on odourless carbon complex resins selected for their high resistance to abrasion and scratching, their remarkable flexibility and their rapid hardening. It can be applied to all commonly used wood species. Its light shade protects and enhances their grain and tone.

The components of INTENSIV® are particularly effective in high-traffic areas such as shops, offices, hotels, conference rooms, schools, corridors and entrances.

  • Very high chemical and mechanical resistance
  • Exceptional resistance to heavy traffic
  • Applicable on Prim’Sealer and Prim’Gold
  • Two-component water-based varnish
  • Preserves the natural colour of the wood
  • Can be applied on concrete
  • High covering power
  • Very low emission
  • Fast drying
  • Odourless


The humidity of the surface must not exceed 10%.

  • The floor must be clean and perfectly dry.
  • Sand with 24 or 36 grain.
  • Refined to 50 or 60 grain.
  • To finish the sanding, the floor must be finished with 100 or 120 grain.
  • Remove dust with a hoover or dry cloth.

NB: Do not varnish a floor at a temperature below 12°C and a relative humidity of more than 85%. Do not apply to wood with a humidity of more than 10%. Use only in well ventilated areas.


  • Shake Component A thoroughly.
  • The mixture of VARNISH (Comp. A) and AQUA PRO HARDENER (Comp. B) is made at the time of use and does not keep once mixed.
  • Mix 1 part of component B to 9 parts of component A (by volume).
  • Mix immediately, taking care to scrape down the rim and bottom of the container for 2 to 3 minutes. The mixture must be used within 90 minutes.
  • The application is done in 3 coats with a roller in regular and full coats, or with a spatula (multi-coat application) OR in 2 coats on a primer coat.
  • In the case of application with a spatula (multiple coats), it is recommended to sand and dust again before applying the last coat of INTENSIV® with a roller.
  • On beech, maple or cherry, do not apply INTENSIV® with a spatula.
  • After the first coat has dried, it is recommended to lightly sand with a fine abrasive grid and to dust again. Sanding is essential if you wait more than 24 hours between coats.
  • In the case of the Natural Effect finish, it is advisable to sand between each coat with a used 150 or 120 grain.


Directly on the wood in 3 coats.

2 coats only on 1 coat of Prim’Sealer or Prim’Gold.


Dust free: 45 minutes in normal conditions.

Between coats: 4 hours under normal conditions.

Do not exceed 24 hours between coats.

Final hardness: 8 to 10 days

Light traffic: Approximately 24 hours in normal conditions.

During the first 10 days, take a few precautions: do not cover (protective tarpaulins), do not lay carpets on the varnished floor. Do not move heavy furniture. Remove dust with a hoover or broom. Place suitable protectors (felt) under the legs of tables and chairs. Do not allow water or other liquids to stand on your varnished floor.


Immediately after use, with water.

Do not reuse the packaging.

How to dispose : Wring out the material thoroughly after application; wipe it dry. Rinse with very little water in a container and allow the water to evaporate. The dry residue can then be disposed in the trash. Close the package tightly after use. Do not pour the residue down the drain. Dispose of the empty container at the waste disposal centre.


10 m2 / Litre (107.64 ft2 / Litre)


INTENSIV® (Comp. A): store away from frost (take care when storing in vehicles).

AQUA PRO HARDENER (Comp. B): not affected by frost.

Carefully seal the 2 components after use.

CAUTION: Do not apply below 12°C. Do not leave within the reach of children. Do not use mops, silicone polishers, ammonia products or abrasive detergent. (All materials and products that may cause slipperiness and shine)

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