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Océanic- Varnish

Finish- Satin & Ultra Mat

Price- $189.95

Format- 5L

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Polyurethane monocomponent, Blanchon Océanic Air Protect floor varnish provides high resistance to abrasion and stains. It highlights veining and natural colour of the wood. Based on the latest technologies, the Océanic formula is added with a VOC absorbing agent (formaldehyde). Air Protect innovation is human and environmentally friendly, which makes Blanchon Océanic Air protect as one of the most ecological varnishes in Canada.

Unlike other water-based varnishes the wood grains won’t be masked and will produce no whitish effect. It can be applied to all types of wood and it has the property to keep the natural colour of pale woods. Its milky shade completely fades when drying.

With its Air Protect property, it can block up to 80% of VOC coming from the floor and can eliminate up to 40% VOC from the air.

  • Scentless;
  • Filter air and neutralize VOC emissions;
  • Resistant to abrasion, shock and scratches;
  • Ready to use;
  • Non-slippery.


The wood must be clean of old varnish, oil, wax or other finishing products. Sand the wood ending with a 120 grit paper and carefully remove the dust. Seal the cracks and gaps with filler, mixed with sandblasting dust, or with fine grit saw dust. Dye if necessary following the recommendations.

For wood that has been scoured, clean the surface with and sand with a 120 grit paper. Make sure no residue remains. Vigorously stir the container and let stand 20 minutes before using. Acclimate the product at room temperature above 15 °C.


Apply the varnish in the wood grain direction with a synthetic bristle brush, a sponge brush, an applicator, a roller (10 mm) or a spray gun. Between layers, allow to dry for 2 hours and sand with a 180 grit sandpaper.


3 coats are required. You can replace the first varnish coats with the Blanchon Prim’Sealer or Prim’Gold.

Drying time:

  • To touch: 25 minutes
  • Between layers: after 2 hours and before 48 hours
  • Light traffic: 12 hours
  • Use: 24 hours
  • Full drying: 10 days
  • First wet cleaning: 10 days

Covered areas:

100 sq. Ft. Per litre

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