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Original Wood

Original Wood- Eviroment Oil

Finish- Bare Timber & Ultra Mat

Price- $219.95

Format- 5L

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Blanchon’s Environment Oil is a natural, hybrid and impregnating vegetal oil containing a water base. The environment oil keeps the natural look of the wood without yellowing it. Simple and practical, it applies directly to wood with a roller. A perfect finish, without wiping or polishing. The application is also possible with a gun, on furniture, worktops, woodwork and vertical surfaces. The Environment Oil is easy to maintain and refresh. It is odourless and easy to apply, making it possible to finish a floor in less than a day. A careful circulation is possible after 12 hours.

  • Natural impregnation;
  • Enhances the character of all wood species;
  • Durable protection of parquet floors, stairs, woodwork, work surfaces and other interior surfaces;
  • Get an oiled look finish in just 4 hours;
  • Scentless;
  • Natural matte finish that does not turn yellow;
  • Easy to maintain;
  • Available in 5 different finishes;
  • Keep the original shade of pale woods;


The wood must be clean and free from any trace of old finish. Sand the wood with sandpaper 100 or 120, to open the pores of the wood and facilitate absorption. Dust thoroughly. Shake the product well.


Apply in 3 thin layers, using a 6 mm microfiber roller, use a brush for the edges. The oil self-level immediately.

IMPORTANT: The slightly milky appearance of the ENVIRONMENT OIL disappears within a few seconds of drying.

Wait 1 hour between layers. Do not exceed 48 hours between layers.

A slight sanding of the surface with a 180 grit sandpaper, before the last layer, eliminates the small irregularity of the wood, thus obtaining a superb aspect and facilitating the maintenance.

Local retouching:

Sand energetically, with abrasive paper, to the deteriorated areas before making a local application (1 or 2 layers).

Complete renovation:

Lightly sand the entire surface, remove dust and apply a thin coat of natural or tinted oil with a roller.


150 sq. Ft./Litre per layer

Drying time:

  • Recoverable: after 1 hour
  • Precautionary traffic: after 12 hours
  • Replacing carpets, moving heavy furniture, first cleaning with water: after 10 days
  • Cleaning tools: Water

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