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Prim' Authentic

Prim' Authentic- Colored Oil

Colors- White, White Grey, Ageing White, Bleached Grey, Light Grey & Smoke Grey

Price- $69.95

Format- 946ml

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PRIM’AUTHENTIC is designed and particularly suitable for wood floors protection and colouring. The product is available in six deep coloured without yellowing effect during the time. The application of PRIM’AUTHENTIC must always be followed by the application of AUTHENTIC finish. PRIM’AUTHENTIC is an impregnating coloured primer, not a varnish. Avoid leaving a film of oil on the surface.

Directions for use :

The surfaces must be clean and free of dust, wax, grease, varnish… Use a sander to sand the surface with grit #100 or #120 sandpaper to facilitate a good penetration of the product. Stir the PRIM’AUTHENTIC container well. Apply a small quantity of product on the wood floor, with a brush, a roller, a spatula, or a buffing machine, wait 10 minutes then wipe with a buffing machine (white pad). After 4 hours, wipe off the excess of oil on the surface with a buffing machine (white pad). For small areas, it’s possible to use a clean cloth to wipe the PRIM’AUTHENTIC. Let the surface dry for 24 hrs. Then, proceed with the application of the AUTHENTIC finishing coat. Return to use: see instructions for use of the AUTHENTIC oil.

Number of coats:

  • Only one coat is required.
  • Two coats will increase the sheen of the wood.
  • Wait 9h for a second coat.

Coverage :

160-215 sq. ft. / L per coat

Notice :

Shake PRIM’AUTHENTIC before use! It is important to remove all excess oil on overlaps and wood knots to prevent drying problems. Always apply oil in a thin coat following the recommended coverage rates. Do not apply at temperatures below +15°C (59°F). Allow the product to reach room temperature before application. If the original unopened container is stored in a cool and dry place, the product will keep for at least 12 months.

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