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Generio- Maintenance Oil

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Format- 946ml

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Generio maintenance oil from Ligna protects and regenerates your oiled woods. Its hybrid composition in aqueous phase makes it easy to apply and very fast to dry. A surface annually maintained with a thin coat of Generio will allow you to space out refreshing time of your oiled surfaces. It is compatible with Ligna oils as well as all oiled wood types on a building site or factory.


Clean beforehand with Ligna Solia, the surface must be clean and dry. If there are serious spots or if you already have applied maintenance oil, you should use Ligna’s Extremo stain remover.

If the surface has small scratches, lightly sand with a 220 grit sandpaper before applications. However, if the surface looks too worn out, it would be best to refresh it.


Ready to use, do not dilute. Spray a thin coat of product and apply with a cloth or a microfibre mop. As the product dries quickly cover in only one pass, no need to come back to equalize. Let dry. No polishing is needed.

Apply a layer of Generio maintenance oil after 6 to 18 months.


  • To touch: 10 minutes
  • Cautious traffic: after 15 to 20 minutes
  • Replace furniture: after 2 hours
  • Clean: after 7 to 10 days


Approximately 420 sq.ft./litre


105 g/litre


Protect from frost

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