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Solia- Oil Floor Cleaner

Price- $25.95

Format- 946ml

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Our Ligna Cleaner for oiled wood surfaces Solia is ideal for the regular maintenance of your oiled woods. Solia is a cleaner, made of coconut and soya vegetal oils. It nourishes and cleans the wood, leaves no sticky film, dilutes easily in water and is suitable for both domestic and professional maintenance.


Dilute 8 to 10 ml of cleaner per litre of hot water.

Wash the surface with a soft cloth or a mop soaked in the solution. No need to rinse. Let dry.


Our Solia Cleaner for oiled wood surfaces is used for regular cleaning. Ideally, use the Solia + cleaner once a month alternating with Solia.


Before beginning maintenance with Solia on a freshly oiled surface, wait at least 7 to 10 days to allow the oil to completely dry.

The product should be diluted only with water.

Protect from frost.


0 g/L

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