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Solia+ - Oil Cleaner/Protector

Price- $16.95

Format- 946ml

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The durability of your oiled wood surfaces will be increased with the monthly use of our protective cleaner supplemented with vegetal waxes. Ligna Solia+ cleans and leaves a thin protective layer of wax that improves the lustre of wood.


Make sure the surface is free from dust. Work by section, spray Solia + on the surface, spread with a moistened terry cloth mop and allow it to dry.


To increase the gloss, you can polish Solia + with a fringe mop or electric polisher with a felt pad or a white pad.


Use Solia + once a month alternating with regular Solia.


300 to 400 ft2 / Litre


Before beginning maintenance with Solia + on a freshly oiled surface, wait 10 days to allow the oil to dry thoroughly.

Product is ready to use, no need to dilute.

Protect from frost.


0 g/L

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