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Pre-Finished Hardwood Flooring is the process by which you select a pre-finished hardwood flooring product of your choice of desired wood species, plank width, thickness, grade, stain color, and finish texture, and we install it in your home.


The great advantage in installing pre-finished hardwood flooring is the room in which it is installed is essentially ready to be used immediately afterwards since no further sanding, staining, and finishing needs to be done.


Pre-Finished Hardwood Flooring comes in two manufactured options:

  • Pre-Finished Solid Hardwood Flooring
  • Pre-Finished Engineered Hardwood Flooring

The choice of which one to use, depends on your preference and where the hardwood flooring is going to be installed. Our Sales Representative will cover your choice of Pre-Finished Hardwood Flooring during your Initial In Home Design Meeting.


Antique Hardwood Flooring partners with top Canadian and American manufacturers that create high quality pre-finished hardwood flooring in either a solid or engineered platform with choices of grades in various wood species, plank widths, thicknesses, stains, and finish textures.


Some custom options can be found for prefinished flooring! Such as, a herringbone pattern. View our catalog to see our online options and visit our showroom to select a pre-finished hardwood flooring product that meets your everyday lifestyle and design aesthetic.

Prefinished Hardwood Flooring Process

A typical Pre-Finished Hardwood Flooring project has the following steps:

1) In Home Initial Design Meeting

  • Our Sales Representative meets you at your home to hear what look and feel you would like to achieve with your new pre-finished hardwood flooring, to measure your project space, and to review your preferences for wood species, plank width, thickness, grade, stain colors, and finish texture.

Note: We recommend visiting our Showroom to take a look at the many pre-finished hardwood flooring options and take some samples home to your space to ensure you like how it blends in with your space.

2) Proposal

  • With above information, our Sales Representative prepares and submits a detailed Proposal to you outlining the scope of work discussed and your investment in your hardwood flooring project
  • Once Proposal is accepted and deposit received, we schedule your project into our work calendar

3) On Site Preparation

  • Prior to us beginning your pre-finished hardwood flooring project, we kindly ask you to do the following:
    • Remove all furniture, paintings, mirrors, electronics, appliances, etc., from the project space
    • Seal off doorways in to rooms outside project space with plastic sheeting and masking tape to minimize dust accumulation

4) Prefinished Hardwood Flooring Delivery

  • We deliver your hardwood flooring product of choice to your home a minimum of 72 hours prior to its installation in order to give the wood time to climatize to your home’s environment.  Wood expands and contracts depending on humidity and temperature levels, so this is a crucial step.

5) Hardwood Flooring Installation

  • After a minimum of 72 hours of your selected pre-finished hardwood flooring product being delivered to your home, our installers install it according to the scope of work agreed to in the Proposal
  • Once a room is complete, you are free to move furniture and other items into the room and begin enjoying it immediately

6) Waste Removal and Disposal

  • We take any garbage we produced away and dispose of it properly with local recycling centre.

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