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Floor Guide

Here we have broken down each step that is a part of the flooring decision process. Depending on the type of floor you are thinking of getting, certain topics may or may not be relevant for you. Please see below to see which topics apply to your flooring type.

1) Finished Onsite please read every section including the Custom options.
2) Prefinished please read every section excluding Custom options, with the exception of Patterns.
3) Vinyl, Laminate or Cork please read every section excluding Species, Grades and all Custom options.

Available Options

Platforms – How the flooring is installed and what it is made from.
Species – The type of wood that the floor will be made from. and their characteristics.
Grades – A grading system for how uniform or how much characteristic a floor has.
Sizes – How wide and tall each floor plank will or can be.
Stains – Primer used before Finish, that can be colored or colorless.
Finishes – The product that is applied on top for protection and a desired sheen.

Custom Options

Patterns – Different forms of installing hardwood floors to create a pattern
Borders – Various types and methods for using borders in hardwood floors.
Inlays – A way to add designs imbedded into the hardwood floor itself.

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