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Grade of the hardwood flooring is referring to the selection process at the mill (manufacturer). This is the process of grading the wood based on uniformity, tone and patterns are matched for the highest grades with lower grades having less consistency the lower the grade. Here at Antique Hardwood Flooring, we can get you the hardwood flooring grade of your choosing. Multiple grades available for Finished Onsite and Prefinished options.

Note: The more character in the floor starts to create a mosaic like affect, creating a different type of uniformity. Also, damage is is less noticeable with a lower graded floors, as the character blends in dent or scratch with the “imperfections”.

Grades of hardwood floors fall into four categories: 

Select & Better
(aka. Prime or 1st)- The highest level of grade, as is the most uniform in color and pattern. More expensive as less of the tree is used in this grade.

Number 1 (aka. Natural or 2nd)- More of the natural character is coming through, with variable tones and marks in the planks.

Number 2 (aka. Rustic or 3rd)- Larger variety of variations in the planks, dark tones and light tones, small and large marks.

Character (aka. Tavern or Cabin)- The lowest level of grade, as the remainder of the selected wood gets used in this grade. The most cost effective option.


To get help picking what type of Grade best suits your home, it is recommended to visit our showroom, or book and appointment for an estimate to have one of our professionals assist you!

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