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Patterns can be used to achieve a unique look, and add more personality to your home. Using the right pattern can also create the feeling of a space being larger, or even add a decorative touch by isolating the pattern to a area on the floor. Here at Antique Hardwood Flooring we have skillful installers with the ability to install your floors with the desired pattern. Available options for Finished Onsite and limited options for Prefinished floors.

Note: Some Patterns can be used with Borders and Inlays, and some Prefinished floors come with available patterns. If you would be interested in this, please make sure to have our technician aware during the inspection, they will be able to provide you with an answer to whether it can be done. 

There are many types of patterns that can be used on your hardwood floors, here are some simple examples of the different patterns:

Staggered– Our Standard, any time you choose to install a floor with Antique Hardwood Flooring the base pattern (unless specified otherwise) will be following this staggered pattern. Giving the floor a natural flow by spacing the joints in the floor in a randomized pattern.

Random Width – Created by using multiple width sized boards in the floor, this will also follow the randomized join placement pattern for natural flow. Commonly used when trying to achieve a “rustic” feel.

Diagonal – Created by installing the floor at a 45* angle from the room, this will also follow the randomized join placement pattern for natural flow. Commonly used for decorative, and making the space feel larger.

Herringbone – Created by overlapping equal sized planks in a V-shaped pattern, which forms a jagged line down the middle.

Chevron – Created by joining to equal sized planks in a V-shape pattern with pieces that have been cut at a 45* angle, which forms a straight line down the middle.

Parquet – Created by taking smaller pieces of wood to create a geometric pattern, technically there are many forms of this pattern with the most common being the “basket & weave”.

To get help picking what type of Pattern best suits your home, it is recommended to visit our showroom, or book and appointment for an estimate to have one of our professionals assist you!

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