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The Species you choose to use on your floor will make all the difference, this changes the look and appearance of your floors, even durability. Here at Antique Hardwood Flooring we have a wide range of locally resourced hardwood flooring to meet every look and need.

Note: Protection and durability of a floor mainly comes from the finish type you decide to use, but when referring to durability of the wood itself see the Janka Hardness Scales below.

These are our most common and readily available hardwood flooring Species:

Ash – light-brown color with a straight/slightly wavy open grain pattern.
Birch – creamy white color with a subtle, uniform, fine-grained grain pattern.
Cherry – reddish-brown color with a tight, uniform, fine-grained pattern.
Hickory – dark brown color to a light golden-brown color with a coarse or wavy grain pattern.
Maple – creamy white color with a subtle, wavy grain pattern
Red Oak – reddish-brown color with a wilder, more irregular grain pattern.
White Oak – light-brown color with a strong, tight, consistent grain pattern.
Walnut – dark brown color with a strong, open to fine-grained pattern.

To get help picking what type of Species best suits your home, it is recommended to visit our showroom, or book and appointment for an estimate to have one of our professionals assist you!

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