Refinishing Hardwood Floors

Refinishing hardwood floors is the process by which your existing hardwood flooring surface is sanded down to the raw unfinished wood and then a new stain and finish of your choice is applied.

This produces a beautiful new updated look in your home without the added expense of replacing your existing flooring.

For almost 30 years, refinishing hardwood floors has been Antique Hardwood Flooring’s specialty service, providing home owners with floors they love over and over again.

Refinishing Hardwood Floors Process

A typical refinishing hardwood floors project has the following steps:

1) In Home Initial Design Meeting

  • Our Sales Representative meets you at your home to hear what look and feel you would like to achieve by refinishing your floors, to assess the current condition of your existing floors, to measure the space you would like refinished, and to review your preferences for stain colors and finishes.

Note: We recommend visiting our Showroom to narrow your choices for stain colors and finishes.

2) Proposal

  • With the above information, our Sales Representative prepares and submits a detailed Proposal to you outlining the scope of work discussed and your investment in refinishing your hardwood floors
  • Once Proposal is accepted and deposit received, we schedule your project into our work calendar

3) On Site Preparation

  • Prior to us beginning your refinishing hardwood floors project, we kindly ask you to do the following:
    • Remove all furniture, paintings, mirrors, electronics, appliances, etc, from the project space
    • Seal off doorways in to rooms outside project space with plastic sheeting and masking tape to minimize dust accumulation
    • Be available during the sanding process in order to view and approve stain and finish choices

4) Initial Sanding

  • Using industry leading precision sanding machines, we remove the existing finish and stain by sanding the hardwood floors down to their raw unfinished surface
  • Our sanding machines simultaneously sand and vacuum the majority of dust produced to minimize impact on your home space and reduce project timeline

5) Filling in Gaps and Nail Holes

  • Wall to wall wood filler is applied to the unfinished hardwood to fill in any gaps and nail holes.

6) Final Sanding

  • After wood filler is applied and dries, we sand the flooring surface again to remove any excess wood filler and ensure the raw unfinished surface is ready for staining and finishing

7) Staining

  • Our installers stain a section of your sanded raw unfinished floor surface with color tones that you are interested in seeing, you must approve it on site before we stain entire project space
  • This staining process allows you to create a custom colour that you have envisioned, and can choose to go lighter or darker or add different color tones until the color is produced.

8) Finishing

  • Prior to us finishing your stained hardwood flooring, we ask our clients to visit our showroom to confirm the finish and sheen that you prefer. Once confirmed and stain is dry, our installers will finish the project space.
  • We use Polyurethane, Water-based and Tung Oil finishes

9) Waste Removal and Disposal

  • We take any garbage we produced away and dispose of it properly with local recycling centre

Budgeting for Refinishing Hardwood Flooring

Budgeting for Refinishing Hardwood Floors takes into account all items discussed above and is incorporated in your Proposal.

Typically, refinishing hardwood floors is more economical then replacing your existing hardwood floors with a new hardwood flooring solution.

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What Customers Think of Our Hardwood Flooring Services

“You have done a beautiful job on the floors, in my opinion; they have been made better than new.

I look forward to working with you again and will recommend you enthusiastically to anyone considering having hardwood floor work done.”


I just love coming home and seeing the great results.

When people ask me who did my floors I tell them they should only go to the boys at Antique Hardwood Flooring.

Many thanks and keep up the good work.


It has been a pleasure working with Antique Hardwood Flooring.

They were very helpful through the whole process.

One of the main reasons we went with Antique Hardwood Flooring was how helpful and professional the administrative staff was when we were starting out.

Thank you.